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Do you have a problem at work? Did you receive a settlement agreement? Are you looking for an experienced expat lawyer for legal rights? Do you have a question about your rights? Doubts about your duties? Have you been fired or are you about to be fired? Or do you need other help within employment law? Please contact us directly and call us on 088-6002825 (gebruikelijke belkosten) or fill in our contact form. We recommend that you don’twait too long before seeking help with labor issues. Dealing with legal matters can be quite difficult. Often the problems only get worse if you wait too long. Our Amsterdam lawyers and attorneys have comprehensive experience in Dutch Dismissal Law. Employment lawyer Krystle Aaron – de Bies from WS Advocaten is happy to help you with all legal work related problems! We are also specialised in legal rights for expats.

Krystle Aaron – de Bies is known as a sharp, analytical and very committed lawyer. Clients describe her as an easy person to approach and talk to. Clients also say that she can explain the law [which is sometimes very complicated] fairly easily to them.  Because of that it makes sense why certain steps are being taken. Very important, because you handle a case together with a client. The lawyer may have all the knowledge of the law, but the input of the clients remains the guiding principle for the facts. After all, every fact can be important in a case.

Are you an expat, or do you prefer to communicate in English? That’s not a problem, Im willing to help you. I specialise in employment law and in particular dismissal law. I deal with everything that has to do with the dismissal of employees on a daily basis. You can contact me through the following phone number 088-6002825 (gebruikelijke belkosten) or fill in our contactform below. I will be happy to help you with your case.

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Fill in the contact form below and tell us about your current situation. We will call you back as soon as possible. Of course you can also call us yourself at 088-6002825.

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More information about Krystle Aaron – de Bies

My name is Krystle Aaron-de Bies, I work as a lawyer and partner at WS Advocaten & Mediators in Amsterdam South. I am specialized in employment law and in particular in dismissal law. On a daily basis I deal with everything that has to do with the dismissal of employees.

What kind of matters can I help you with?

I can help you with all employment law related matters. I can help you with instant dismissals, dissolutions, but also with writing letters of protest against official warnings. In addition, I often work with settlement agreements. It pays to have a lawyer look at the settlement agreement that has been offered. Often there are still several things that can be negotiated, for example a higher severance payment. It is also customary for the employer to pay the attorney’s fees for the assessment of the settlement agreement. If that is not the case, I can negotiate with your employer about this. In my law practice I not only assist employees, but also various employers, such as SMEs.

Background and experience

Before I decided to become a lawyer, I worked for a large administrative body for many years, mainly as a legal adviser to HRM departments. In that position I also gained experience with [complex] dismissal cases. Given that background, I also assist civil servants in my law practice. I am also a member of the Disputes Committee of the Municipality of Soest, where I advise and assist B&W in the field of legal position disputes with civil servants.

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